The invisible Protection for your High Heels

All the women who love to wear High Heels will know the problem with damaged Heels.
The more new and expensive the High Heels, the more frustrating! Cobble stones or metal grille are big enemies of our beloved heels! Some woman are so scared that they never wear their High Heels.

But now there is a way to stop dents and scratches on High Heels!

Stilettos live longer with ProtectMyHeels High Heel Protection.

The ProtectMyHeels High Heel Protection film is nearly invisible and easy to apply.
The film consists of two layers, one soft base layer for impact absorption and a hard top coat layer for scratch resistance. Place the sticker on the heel, wrap around and cut the wings.
ProtectMyHeels could be used on many heel types and different materials.
If you want to go out without ProtectMyHeels Protection or you want to renew the High Heel Protection foil, than its very easy to remove. The engineered polymer adhesive leaves no residue.

For the best look, ProtectMyHeels High Heel Protection should be used on Glossy Heels.


Zsuzsanna H.:
I froze when I felt the heel of my red patent peep-toe mary jeans going through the heating grates at the office. I quickly evaluated the repercussions of crying in front of m colleagues then I gathered my strength to look. This is what I saw. The protective film gathered up about 1.5 cm but the leather underneath was untouched. Thank you. And my shoes thank you too

Anna B.:
The best product to protect your beautiful heels!!! :) ProtectMyheels are awesome!

Maria S.:
I will never never go out without ProtectMyheels. They are so great. They protect my Heels in a very discrete and fashionable way! Love it!!

Kyra L.:
When my friend told me about a protection film for High Heels i wondered how this works. Does´t it leave glue rest on my shoes? I order a pair and try myself. And i was so surprised! The film is very easy to apply and remove, no glue rest at all and the best: you could not see them. So ProtectMyheels is my favorite shoe tool!


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